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Colored Sketches - $85.00

One to two characters only, sketchy character pinups with a textured background. An additional character is $40.00. Opened for exclusively through Twitter!

Spot Illustration - $200

Spot Illustrations are painted, one to two character pinups with a cut-out background. An additional character is $150.00.

Full Illustration - $400

Full Illustrations are painted, one to four character pieces with a full scene background. Each additional character is $175.00 per.

Complexity Fees

The prices above are a baseline. For images with multiple characters, extra detail, or special instructions, you may incur an additional fee based on that baseline. Where there is a range, the exact amount will be determined based on exactly what is being asked for.

Commission Guidelines

Please e-mail me at to begin the commission process. For ease, please be up front about any deadlines you may need met. Let me know your online handle! This can be a link to your userpage on Tumblr, FurAffinity, deviantArt, Twitter, etc.

Provide clear references and descriptions for your characters, and please specify inaccuracies in your references, such as "the hair in this piece is too long, it should be shoulder-length." I can absolutely work with text-only descriptions!

To minimize the need for changes, be clear about what you're after! Do you want me to take the reigns? Just give me a direction go in - a mood, a prop, or a character feature to focus on. If all goes well, after a little bit of talk, you will be given the price for your commission and instructions on how to pay for it.

See my Terms of Service for details on payment, revisions during the process, and delivery. By commissioning me, you agree to my Terms - be sure to read them in full before reaching out to me.

I will not draw the following:

Fictional species are fine, so long as fan-characters of that species are allowed by the owner (sergals, chakats, etc.). If I suspect that you do not have permission to for your character's species, I may ask for proof that you do, or deny the request.