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This is the page where you can subscribe to me via Paypal subscriptions! After you've subscribed, the button will automatically take you to a google form with the rules of my discord server and field to enter your e-mail address. Make sure the e-mail address is up-to-date, so I can send you the invite link. Please note that the higher tiers don't really do anything; they're just there as a cosmetic role in my server.

If this is too complicated, consider subscribing to me on SubscribeStar, instead! That's more of a classic Patreon alternative, it just doesn't allow Paypal as a payment processor.

In the future, I'll be setting up an e-mail newsletter subscription instead of dumping everyone directly into my server, since I realize that the format of a discord server isn't everyone's cup of tea. I want to be able to provide options; this is just a very quick and dirty option for right this minute.

PLEASE BE SURE TO HIT THE "RETURN TO MERCHANT" BUTTON WHEN CHECKING OUT TO BE REDIRECTED TO THE GOOGLE FORM If you goofed, that's fine, you can shoot me a quick e-mail to with the tier you picked and your name, to recieve the invite link.

Here's what I offer in my discord server, from the $1.00 Radiant Rose tier and up.

If you'd like to unsubscribe from me, you can go ahead and click the convenient unsubscribe button. No hard feelings, and if you decide to stick around in my server, let me know and I'll give you the tipper role, as opposed to the subscriber exclusive one!

Subscription Tiers